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Outremer 4X voted “European Boat of the Year 2017”

Last Saturday, January 21st 2017, Outremer had the honor of receiving the “European Yacht of the Year” trophy for the third time, while at the Düsseldorf Boat Show with the Outremer 4X. This follows the Outremer 49 in 2010 and the 5X in 2012.  This is the first boat in the new “racing” range to have been voted “European Yacht of the Year 2017” in the multihull category. “The Outremer 4X epitomises performance cruising and is a boat that will thrill sailors,” said Brent Vaughan of Multihull Central. “Winning this award is a fantastic achievement for Xavier and the team. It highlights the innovation being explored by this company on the up and up.” “I’m sure it won’t be long before an Aussie is cruising the world on a new Outremer 4X.  We are here to help them accomplish that dream.” Outremer 4X, a…

Takacat: the lightweight catamaran dinghy

The stability of a catamaran design has found its way into a new very practical application in the form of the yacht tender Takacat. This innovative lightweight design from New Zealand is now being represented by Multihull Central. Takacat dinghies range from 2.4m to 3.8m with either an open bow or closed tapered bow.  Designed to save weight, they offer superior stability and are an affordable alternative to the regular cumbersome RIBs currently available for cruisers. With large pontoons on each side, the Takacat doesn’t lean over and become unstable like traditional dinghies. She drives well through all conditions with the floats providing the hull shape and stability. New technology in inflatable design means the lightweight floor (bridgedeck)  is both firm when in use, but compact when deflated. Most noteworthy the entire boat can fit into just a couple of small bags. This makes…

A new Aquila 44 for Sydney

An exciting delivery of an Aquila 44 to Sydney being delivered by Yacht Express in Rose Bay. Something different in Sydney! Come and see her at our marina in Rozelle Bay!     For more information on this boat click here Aquila 44

Hervey Bay Regatta – ideal for Corsair trimarans!

  The Bay to Bay trailable yacht race is an annual sailing event held on the first weekend in May each year, in the Great Sandy National Park. The race is sailed from Tin Can Bay, at the southern end of the Great Sandy Strait, and Hervey Bay, at the northern end, with an overnight stop at Garry’s Anchorage, Fraser Island. The race is Queensland’s largest yacht race and the second largest in Australia, although it is limited to between 200 and 250 competitors for navigational safety. Because of the shallow depth of some sections of the course, the event is limited to trailer sailors of both mono and multihull types. The Bay to Bay race was originally conceived by members of the Hervey Bay Sailing Club on 18 April 1980. Originally suggested as a one-day trailer yacht race from Tin Can Bay to…

Sydney Multihull Central Regatta

  Multihull Central Regatta gives Sydney Harbour regulars a sight of flying Multihulls! Following the incredible turnout of both cruising and racing catamarans and trimarans at the Hamilton Island Race week in August, Multihull Central opened their traditional Seawind Regatta on Sydney harbour to all multihulls. With fifteen multihulls entered in total, the weekend was a complete success. In addition to the Seawinds, there were Schionnings, a Grainger, Crowthers, a Prescott Whitehaven, a Lagoon, a Toro, a Corsair Sprint 750 and a Pulse 600. There were two divisions, the racing division and the cruising division, both with different courses that weaved their way between the Opera House and Manly. Hosted by Multihull Central, the boat owners and crew joined together for a social evening of Pizza ‘made to order’ at their marina on Friday night after the day’s racing had been completed. The winds…

Two New Seawind 1160 Resorts begin Charters

Patrick and Archie from Ozcat Luxury Catamaran Cruises have just celebrated the launch of their newest addition to the fleet, a Seawind 1160 Resort “Varuna” with Sydney Harbour’s top booking agents who are all very excited this new design in operation. Ozcat already have a 45ft catamaran and large house boat in operation on Sydney Harbour, but due to incredible demand for quality catamarans for charter, they added a new Seawind 1160 Resort catamaran. Charter booking agent Rithika Jaiprakash from Sydney Harbour Escapes commented on the demand currently in Sydney, “There are probably around 50 catamarans on charter in Sydney Harbour, but we could book out 100 catamarans if they were available,” commented Rithika, “They are just such a popular boat for charter”. Simultaneously, Les and Leslee from City of Darwin Cruises have also started operations in Darwin with their new Seawind 1160 Resort….


For those serious about making a living from the sea, these 4 steps can help ensure smooth sailing. By Brent Vaughan. Have you dreamt of swapping florescent lights with sunshine, the water cooler for the calm blue sea and air-conditioning for a salt filled breeze? Has the same old work routine worn thin and running your own business combined with a coastal lifestyle has appeal? Then you need to read this guide and avoid the three common mistakes of wrong boat, wrong location, wrong marketing. At this very moment in time, running your own successful charter boat business in Australia has never been more achievable thanks to a booming tourism sector in both our coastal cities and regional sea side towns. There are several areas that need to be carefully considered to ensure success. These include: 1. Identifying the opportunity in the market 2….

New club partnership invites next generation to ‘Tri’ sailing

New club partnership invites next generation to ‘Tri’ sailing

Two new Corsair Pulse 600 trimarans were delivered by Multihull Central to the RQYS in time for the start of the sailing season to join a new initiative by the club whereby a new category of membership now includes the use of the two cutting edge trimarans for the purposes of learning to sail, cruising with family or one design racing. “We recognize that for sailing as a sport and recreation to be relevant to the next generation, there needs to be new and exciting boat designs that capture the imagination and are fun to sail,” said Brent Vaughan, Director of Multihull Central. “But equally important is providing access to these boats and encouraging participation to those uninitiated.” “Multihulls are leading growth trends worldwide in both racing and recreational cruising , but it has always frustrated me that unless you either know someone with…

Seawind launches new high passenger capacity charter boat

Seawind launches new high passenger capacity charter boat

Seawind Catamarans are about to revolutionize the day charter market with the launch of their newest design the Seawind 1160 Resort. At just 38’ this new day charter catamaran packs a punch, offering operators the ability to carry up to 43 passengers for day charter excursions and group party bookings. This innovative day charter boat is designed for use at beach resorts, harbor sailing, whale watching, scuba/snorkeling excursions and for day charter party bookings. She is available in both a sail, and motor yacht version with the sail version taking preference for most buyers. Her design highlights some unique new features on a boat of this size including the fully covered cockpit and huge open bow rider. Clever use of space and seating layout have enabled a huge passenger capacity without overcrowding the usable space onboard. As a purpose built day charter catamaran the…

Mandurah Boat Show

This year we are featuring two boats at the Mandurah Boat Show, a Seawind 1250 and an Aquila 44. This wonderful boat show now in its 9th year runs from the 7th to the 9th of October and showcases everything nautical. This year we have a luxury Aquila 44 powercat which since its introduction to Australia last year has truly dazzled everyone who has seen it. By bringing together an incredible team of designers, builders and managers to result in one of the fastest growing brands of catamaran that are exclusively power and totally luxuriousness. With at least one boat sold at every boat show they have featured at she is definitely worth having a look at. We will also have on display a Seawind 1250 sailing catamaran. The Seawind 1250 is a true blue water cruiser and is purpose built for sailing the…

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