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21 Strong Seawind & Corsair Fleet at Moreton Bay Rally

21 Strong Seawind & Corsair Fleet at Moreton Bay Rally

AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Brisbane, Australia – 24 November 2022 Seawind Catamarans, Corsair Marine and Multihull Central brought 21 boat owners together for a spectacular weekend of social racing on Moreton Bay as hosted by the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. A mixed fleet of 15 Seawind catamarans and 6 Corsair trimarans sailed in stunning conditions on Brisbane’s Moreton Bay on Friday the 18th of November for the first race of three. Consistent tacking to Hope Banks followed by a reach to St Helena beacon and finishing off with a downwind run to Lockyer light made for a spectacular sight of multihulls sailing together. Corsairs hunted down the fleet and took over very quickly. After a 2 hour race for some it was time to head back to RQYS for sundowners and paella by the water’s edge and under palm trees. Saturday morning was picturesque…

Longreach 44 Infused

A big day at Longreach as the first LR44 deck is turned following a successful resin infusion. Starting to take shape! The Longreach 44 is progressing well with the hull and deck recently infused and assembeled moving towards fitout. This boat is enroute to Australia’s charter fleets in the Whitsundays so soon you will be able to experience a Longreach too. To see more about the Longreach44 follow this link Longreach 44

HH44 hull #1 Advances

The HH44 is coming along well with hull #1 assembled and key features starting to take shape including the swinging pedestal helm arrangement. It’s always exciting to see a new model take shape; this is especially true of the HH44. The electrified Eco-Drive, modern lines, and chic styling are sure to disrupt the status quo when 44-01 launches next year. Always innovating. Always evolving. To see more about the HH44 follow this link HH44 OC and HH44 SC

The Seawind Pittwater Regatta-La Nina Visits the Seawind Pittwater Regatta

Over the weekend the Seawind & Corsair Pittwater Regatta was held north of Sydney with challenging conditions brought on by La Nina. Huge congrats to the success of annual Seawind & Corsair Pittwater Regatta 2022 which there’s no better way to start your racing season in the Australia than with the Corsair & Seawind Regatta. Below is a tribute to the owners who joined in on the event. An Ode to the Seawind Pittwater Regatta 2022   The week began like any other But a forecast to make you shudder A beat up north to the regatta Against the desire of the rudder    Our foe La Nina was visiting With Pittwater in its sights  And before the weekend was over A southerly buster to cause you fright    But a few fearless sailors showed To out do each other  Racing their Seawind catamarans Teeth bared, but…

Australian Debut of the Corsair 880 at the Sydney International Boat Show

Multihull Central announced the new Corsair 880 is on its way to Australia to be showcased at the upcoming Sydney International Boat Show. The Corsair 880 has revolutionised traditional trimaran designs and offers a new way for performance sailors to also enjoy longer distance cruising with some of the creature comforts offered by the popular catamarans. “This is an exciting time for trimaran sailing,” says Brent Vaughan, Director at Multihull Central. “It’s been almost 40 years of trimaran innovation since Corsair’s F27 was inducted into the sailing Hall of Fame. Even back in 1986 the boat was recognised for being big enough to cruise with some essential comforts, light enough to be fast and generate its own apparent wind, yet small enough to trailer behind a regular 4WD. In 2022 we see these same features reimagined and much more.” Features and benefits of the…

Gone With The Wynns Announce HH44 Purchase

One of the world’s most popular and prolific YouTube sailing channels, Gone with the Wynns, have just announced their purchase of a new ecofriendly hybrid-electric HH44 sailing catamaran. The HH44 ‘Ocean Cruiser’ version is a high-performance cruising catamaran designed to sail around the world sustainably and efficiently while also providing a luxurious living platform for couples and families travelling the world. Nikki and Jason Wynn have travelled the world on their former sailing catamaran and gained over half a million subscribers to their YouTube channel as they explore the islands and remote locations, with entertaining and beautifully produced videos. With the ocean sailing experience they have gained, they chose their next boat based on 10 key must haves that include: 1. Hybrid Electric Propulsion 2. Performance for efficiency 3. Large Lithium Battery Capacity 4. Renewable Energy with Large Solar Capacity 5. Rain Capture Ability…

Where to Start Catamaran Racing? Taipan Class

Multihull Central recently sponsored the Taipan Catamaran National Titles hosted by the Kurnell Catamaran Club on Botany Bay, Sydney Australia. This class racing beach cat is fun, fast, affordable and ideal for sailing one up or two up, with couples or kids. Watch some of the racing action and meet some of the crew involved. To learn more about the class click here: To learn more about Kurnell Catamaran Club click here:

Corsairs in Sydney

Welcome to the latest buzz regarding the Corsairs The Seawind/Corsair Regatta was held recently and with some gusty strong winds the Corsairs excelled with the odd dipping the leeward float and bow (Multihull Central – skipper Brent Vaughan) but the boats just shook it off and bounced back for more – talk a bout a forgiving boat – those extra flotation almas introduced with the 760  make the boats very forgiving and boost confidence in what you can do with 15knts boat speed in blustery conditions on the way to winning a great regatta. Talking about Regatta (skipper Michael Meehan) doesn’t it look good with spinnaker And finally how is this for a close finish after 40 minutes of racing – Regatta by a nose over Multihull Central Later this year the Seawind/Corsair regatta will be held over the 7th and 8th of October…

New Distributor, New President and New Designs for HH Catamarans

Sydney, Australia – 8 February 2021 HH Catamarans has named Multihull Central as the exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand as the up and coming brand of high performance catamarans releasing some innovative new designs and ramps up production for their new44 and 50foot models. This comes as HH Catamarans also recruits Seth Hynes as President to help steer the company into its next stage of growth. Seth who has a marketing background in luxury goods, is well known from his popular YouTube channel ‘The Sailing Family’ which documented his family’s journey halfway around the world on a51 foot performance catamaran “Archer”. “We chose Multihull Central to be our distributors due to their experience and knowledge of the performance catamaran segment of the industry,” comments Seth. Multihull Central who distributes Seawind, Longreach, Outremer, Garcia and Corsair deliver dozens of new boats each year…

Seawind & Corsair Regatta Pittwater Perfect

Sydney, Australia – 1 February 2021 A 17 strong fleet of Seawind catamarans and Corsair trimarans flocked to the picturesque waters of Broken Bay and Pittwater for an epic weekend of sailing and racing in perfect conditions. Boats travelled from as far north as Yamba and as far south as Jervis Bay, providing an excellent opportunity to socialise with other boat owners and test their skills in some friendly racing in similar performing boats. The event has been held for over 20 years and continues to be a much loved regatta by boat owners. North easterly breezes between 10 to 20 knots filled the sails of the fleet as they raced in three races around Pittwater, enjoying flat waters, warm weather and idyllic winds. After the first race on Friday afternoon, over 55 crew and skippers gathered on the shores of the Basin’s beaches…

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